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 Welcome to The Willow’s Raven.  My name is Sheila and this is my online home.  

Witch. Priestess. Earth Daughter.

Wife. Mom. Hot mess.

I don’t remember how I ended up here.  I fell in love with the dirt and stones long ago.  Prayer was second nature for me, even as a kid.  Slowing down and listening……well that was a whole other story.

I believe the world is filled with magic and beauty.  I believe humans are good…….until they forget.  I believe we are all connected, and that if we show up with love and in service to one another shit might just work out okay.

I believe Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, and Trauma can be our greatest teachers.

I believe you can get where you are going without having a fucking clue how to get there.

Intention. Purpose. Focus. Determination. Prayer.

Action. Asking for help and receiving that help once it arrives.

Surrender what you cannot do alone.  Forgive when the pain becomes too great a burden to carry.

I believe we all know this.  We just don’t want to hear it.  We want the pie in the sky pipe dream that is easy and fun.

Sometimes we get that.  And sometimes we don’t.

Neither means a damn thing.  Good people get shit on.  Bad people receive blessings.  When the tide turns, good people receive blessings and bad people get shit on.  And it still doesn’t mean a damn thing.  

I love the Moon and the Earth, and  all of their cycles and seasons.  I love Crystals and herbs and Tarot and Oracle cards.  I love my altar and I love burning incense.  I believe we have spaces within us that when cared for help us create a beautiful life.  I believe the environment we live in is as important as our body.  I believe mental health and spiritual health are interconnected, and that emotional health can make or break us.  

I teach people how to care for these spaces.  I show them how to live their best life by cleaning up their act in each of these spaces.

You have more power than you think.  You can do more to change your life than you realize.  But you can’t do it making empty wishes sitting on your ass.

What I offer is simple.  We study Chakras, Cycles, and we Collect Bones.  Everything I do falls into one of those sections.  Because life really is that simple. 

So.  Welcome to my lair.  Pull up a chair.  Take a look around.  Have a cup of tea or a shot of whiskey.  All are welcome here.  Well, unless you are an asshole.  Okay we are all assholes, but some of us are mean ones and I don’t have time for that.  Life is short, and I have work to do.

If you are willing to do the work and learn something new, try something new today.  You just might be surprised.  

Oh and fun fact.  My love for the weird carries over into my Etsy shop.  Dolls for broken hearts and spirits.  Mojo bags for those moments when you need a little boost.  More goodies coming soon.  Because I get bored easily, and I love changing it up.  


Kick Ass Gratitudes

Every Friday (okay sometimes I am cranky and can’t do it) I send out an email sharing my joy, rage, laughter, and pain with you.  I tackle big issues unapologetically, so you have been warned.  I am all love, but I am not love and light.  Sometimes love is tough.  Fierce.  Sometimes it is a kick in the ass that you will one day be grateful for.  If you still want in on the fun, subscribe here.  Oh and no worries.  I don’t sell my email lists or anything gross like that.  Because that is just wrong.




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    So proud of you keep it up

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